Hi Everyone,

My name is Laura Michaels, and I remember the first time I sang to a captive audience. I was in my pj’s, with a brush in one hand, singing to my stuffed animals and house hold pets. That was just the start of my life long love for music and singing. I would say my family grew up barely making ends meet, if at all sometimes. We had a family friend who worked at a local printing press who was aware of my love for music and knew my parents probably couldn’t afford to buy me tapes. After a week of work she would give my mom boxes of left over throw away tapes with black permanent number markings all over them. It was like Christmas when these boxes arrived. I would dig through the tapes which included artists like Michael Bolton, Amy Grant, and New Kids on the Block. Some were duplicates and so I would place those aside. We had a very old boom box that I would place the duplicate tapes in, and soon realized that I could record over them with the press of a red button. So here I was, a tiny little girl recording very gentle melodies privately in my pink room. After recording my vocals, I would run up to my mother and hand her a tape. I told her that my tape was only for her ears because it was my “secret voice.”

So, now you know how my music career began in the very early stages. Even though I grew up studying dancing, I also grew up singing in the church choir which led to my first paid wedding gig when I was nine years old. Before long I had a job as a singer and dancer at Paramount Carowinds. Soon after that I was performing in many different variety shows and touring Europe as a professional singer, actress, and dancer.

As I was touring I really started to compile my lyrics and melodies. Changing my course a bit from dancer to writer, I still continue writing music, and performing and doing what I love. I encourage everyone to do what they are meant to do in life and spread the love. I really felt the need¬† to share a bit of my back story with everyone because we all come from humble beginnings. By combining my love for people and with a desire to be honest about life’s true difficulties, and by being a girl who looks to God to light the way, was born Laura Michaels music. I thank each and every one of my fans and supporters and I look forward to bringing you more music to enjoy for years to come!


~Laura Michaels

Do What you love & LOVE BIG!