Hi my lovely fans! This whole getting used to a website thing in the midst of all the social networking sites has been a little difficult for me! Forgive me, I will eventually make it to where one post here post’s everywhere! Thank you for being so kind, loving, and patient! Scott and I have worked up a very fun show for everyone Friday night and we can’t WAIT to see you all! Every show is so exciting for us and we always have the BEST audience members! Thank you! Scott and I will be at Pack’s Tavern from 9pm-12am Dec.16th and hopefully so will you! We will be recording and photographing this show and will have CD’s, YES CD’s for sale!! My album “Words of Wisdom,” (I should say OUR album as I had a lot of help) has released and we are ready to share it with you!! Do what you Love, and Love Big!
Laura x


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