Hey Fans,

So here’s the latest! I just got back from seeing Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert at Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee, NC! The show was amazing and it was my first time seeing these guys, EVER, in concert! We got to meet the band back stage, as you can see in the picture attached to this blog! It was very brief but long enough for Johnny and Peter to both be kind to me and make me feel happy that I was spending my birthday at their show! We got up close and personal seats so I was able to get a ton of photographs and catch one of Sparky’s pics he threw after a big solo! All in all I have lots of cool stuff to put in a collage that will one day go into my recording studio. Lets not forget that my boyfriend literally threw my CD on stage to Johnny Van Zant at the end of the show and Johnny graciously picked it up, smiled, and took it off stage with him. Honestly that was one of the best moments, and I will never forget it! I just hope he liked it and heard the potential! Time will tell!

This brings me to SupaPass! I am the first American artist to be featured on a new site based in the U.K. called www.supapass.com. This is a new revolutionary music fan club! If you subscribe for approximately $2 per month you get exclusive access to my live broadcasted shows, and all kinds of archives, and backstage footage! My writing partner Scott Raines and I will be uploading a new song each month for your listening pleasure and totally accept your opinions on what you are hearing! Please be nice though, because we like to communicate out of love! That being said, I am so stoked for you to hear all the new interesting styling of our new material!

Also my writing partner Scott Raines just got back from L.A. where he recorded with the Artimus Pyle Band and a slew of other famous rockers at the “Rock N’ Roll Autograph Show!” This was a performance as well as a recording session of a new song representing “St. Jude’s Children Hospital!” The song should be on their website any day now! The song is called “If I had the Time, I could change the world.” Check it out when you get the chance, and I’ll check back to provide updates as they come! Love you all!

Do What You Love and Love BIG!544080_646868995353547_26614422_n



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