Nashville, TN Recording & writing session!

Nashville, TN Recording & writing session!

Hi Everyone,

I just had to share with you all that Scott Raines & I had an amazing studio recording session with Grammy & Dove award winning producer & former bassist for DC Talk, Otto Price. In the studio we also worked with drummer Tate Cunningham of “SafetySuit” who just got off tour with “Daughtry,” and incredible guitarist and sweetheart, Greg Hagan who plays with “LeAnn Rimes”, and “Little Big Town,” among countless others for numerous televised performances. Also we had my life long friend and agent, Ed Reynolds who joined us in the studio while we created our master piece. We started off the session going over the song and with Greg’s help tweaked some parts of the song that needed a bit of a lift. The song we recorded is a song that I wrote the melody and lyrics to called “You and Me,” that I popped over to my writing partner Scott Raines to create his music masterpiece and bring our song to life. Before even arriving in the studio the song was without a lifting chorus and just kind of chugged along. Otto felt the song needed to have a chorus written in and asked me to do that within a couple of weeks. I probably wrote at least 6 different versions while also changing some key lyrics in the verses and bridge of the original song. After sending them over to Otto and weeding out the lackluster versions of the newly written Chorus’s, we settled on the final version of the chorus that I had come up with in that short time. I met up with Scott, and we recorded the song with his music on our cell phones while sitting at a picnic table in a park. The studio session was only in a few days so we had to get it mostly done, while leaving some creative space for the crew to have input. This proved to be challenging, although extremely exciting and a good experience for us. So as we are all sitting there finally in the studio together going over the song, Greg hears some changes he wants to make to the arrangement to give us more of a genre, maybe “Colbie Caillat,” meets “Sheryl Crow,” meets “Taylor Swift.” Basically it is our own unique sound with probably every artist I’ve ever been influenced by, which is a lot. But to narrow it down, it’s a pop/country vibe that can only be described by the listener, you. So after we make some changes to arrangement and about 2 tweaks to the melody line where I went down with the note, and Greg & Scott heard it go up…we were ready for Greg and Tate to lay down their parts. Everything was happening so fast, before I knew it the guys were done and heading out and Scott was laying down his acoustic guitar parts in lightening speed and I was up next! I didn’t know how it was going to go. I was so impressed with these guys and how professional they were that I was a little intimidated. I didn’t even know if I was going to remember how the newly written song was going to go and was I going to remember the order. I was so afraid I at first asked Scott to stay back there with me in the booth as he laughed and said, “you’ve got this.” I couldn’t even remember what key the song was in, when asked because I was so flustered. Here again we were moving at lightening speed and before I knew it I had maybe sang through the song 2 to 3 times with Otto happy with the product. I couldn’t even hear myself through the headphones but we moved so quick I just went for it and didn’t say anything. After mentioning it to Otto, he said he didn’t want to change anything because it was making me sing out which really added to the song and didn’t want to mess with that. I concurred with Otto and we continued on with background vocals. After we creatively laid down BV parts with myself and Scott Raines, then it probably took Otto mere minutes to produce something that sounded ready for radio. I can sit here and say that I was blown away but what I was hearing. Funny thing was we didn’t even have the bass recorded yet or any of the other extra instruments and sounds we wanted to add. So as Otto informed me the song was only 20% done I can only imagine how it will turn out. With this song under our belt we plan on seeking more investors for our endeavor of recording a radio ready EP for promoting our music and getting signed with a record label. I tell you what, I can officially say, It is very hard work, but well worth it! I can’t wait to share the tune with you guys, and just wanted to share with you how the session in Nashville turned out. Special thanks to our investors who I will not name as to respect their privacy! THANK YOU FANS! New music coming to you real soon!

Do What You Love & LOVE BIG,
Laura xo


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