Hi there, my devout friends & fans! I thought you would like to know that I’m working on writing several new songs at the moment with my musical partner in crime Scott Raines. The new musical direction is a cool breeze vibe, lifting your soul in flight through the cloudless skies. There’s lots of growing, falling, and sweet loving. In my opinion it’s a hot recipe of home cooked music ready for you to indulge. So throw your napkin in your laps, and lift your plates in the air. Or better yet, be the first one in the kitchen waiting for the timer to chime and the fresh music to be served. While your there check out a new song we’re stirring in the pot called “You & Me,” and another called “Waking up.” You can find these in my YouTube kitchen at the right of this page, or click on these links.
"You and Me(video)"
"Waking Up (video)"

Scott & I getting ready to sing in Savannah, GA

Also check out our upcoming show dates! We would love to see you!

Do What You Love & LOVE BIG <3

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